Head Lice Home Remedies If you are dealing with a head lice infestation, you are probably suffering with the dilemma of having children at home because there are lice or nits in their hair. The school nurse or the teacher has given you a note that your child cannot return to school until they are nit-free. Meanwhile, you r child is missing school and you are missing work. It is a terribly expensive problem both in dollars and in time. You need to get rid of the head lice and the nits and you need to do it quickly. Perhaps you have been to the pediatrician. Maybe you’ve talked to friends. And now you are doing research online, looking in Google for the answer. You have tried one or more different brands of treatments for pediculosis at the drug stores but you have not found anything that works. The reason those treatments don’t work is because they are based on permethrin. Permethrin is a very weak insecticide. It has been used for many decades. And the problem with that active ingredient is that it does not kill the eggs of the lice. Lice eggs, called Nits, are very difficult to kill. The normal lice products you find at the store do not kill the eggs. Because of that, the baby lice hatch and live in an environment laced with permethrin. And they develop a resistance to it. Eventually, over the many, many years of using these kinds of treatments, lice have become mostly immune to Rid or Nix or even the prescription strength version of permethrin you get from the doctor. So if you are thinking about head lice, and you want something that actually works, you need to go to Google and search for “licekiller” brand. Here is the URL: http://www.licekiller.com. If you can’t get LiceKiller in a store you should just order it from their website. It is definitely the best and worth the day or two you need to wait for shipping. Licekiller Brand remedy for head lice has been the #1 Head Lice Treatment for many years. It is all natural. It uses natural enzymes and oils to kill every louse and every nit. And the best part is, the product is totally safe. You can use it every day if you need to. (The poisons make you wait 10 days between treatments because they don’t want to have lawsuits for making you or your children sick.) Licekiller brand is safe for people and their pets. And that’s good because you might have to treat for head lice often. That’s because of reinfestations. You will probably get lice again. You might even get another reinfestation the same day. That’s because lice are in your environment. They are in your cars, on your chairs, your bedding, even your carpets. By the way, just so you know, Licekiller is the number one best rated lice treatment by Mothers Against Head Lice. You can visit their website here: http://www.mothersagainstheadlice.org.

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